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The Jadwiz Form Guide is clear and easy to use and includes our excellent ratings along with course form, head to heads and winning zones for both trainer and jockeys, if you like favourites then its easy to find out which ones to follow in certain types of races at any racecourse or even on which days of the year to back these and not just the 1st but right down to the 10th.

Your first port of call will be the race meetings page which allows you to quickly find information about the racecourse, its favourites, weather and navigate to any given race, once you select and land on a race all the regular event information is found at the top of the page and you can quickly jump between races with just a single click.

Horse Racing Ratings MemberThe runner details section contains a lot of information which you can make use of including descriptions about the runners course form, jockey and trainer head to heads, jockey and trainer winning zones and a conclusion along with eight colour coded buttons which relays extra information about the runner in other areas.

These other area buttons include horse form and this will bring up a runners last outings, next to this is the course form which displays information about the horse, sire, dam, jockey and trainer so that the user can see how the runner stacks up against others in a race, need to know jockey and trainer head to heads then it’s a simply case of click the appropriate button.

Everyone likes a winner and knowing when a runners jockey and trainer are in their wining zone will help so just click the winning zone button and if we still need more evidence that a runner is capable of winning then check out the systems book runners area which will display the number of times a runner qualifies for a system in our historical systems books which are available to download.

There is also information about the jockey and trainer favourites which can be viewed and if your still not sure if a runner is the right selection then how about reviewing the results of our ratings and by doing this you will quickly see which racecourse and types of racing events where the Jadwiz ratings do well.

To discover what Jadwiz has to offer and what it could do for you then it is highly recommended that you take a tour of the Jadwiz Form Guide and this can be done by clicking the Jadwiz Form Guide Tour image which can be found below.


Won a group 1 race on the 16/06/2009 and to view this runners full form

Won a group 2 race on the 20/06/2007 and to view this runners full form

Won a group 3 race on the 12/04/2003 and to view this runners full form

Won a listed race on the 26/06/1999 and to view this runners full form



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