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Betting Tips

Betting Tips

Betting Tips can mean different things to different people so will not try and cover everything but just give you some pointers and ideas.

Handicapping is a very complicated subject and you need to rely on the experts to point you in the right direction. If a horse is carrying far too much weight, and therefore unlikely to win, it will be obvious by the Postmark ratings, Spotlight comments and the price quoted in the Racing Post betting forecast.

Horse Racing BettingThe ratings are found on the right hand side of the race card underneath the allotted weight. The top rated horse is the one that is considered the best-handicapped horse in the race. So, if your horse is among the top 4 rated you can be sure it is fairly handicapped on its past performances.

Take note of any horse dropping in class. Supposing a horse has been contesting more valuable races and running well without actually winning, it may still be worthy of consideration. Satisfy yourself though, that the horse is not losing its form.

Choosing a stable or two to follow is a good move as you get to know how your yard operates at certain tracks and look for a consistent strike rate of at least 15% over the past 4 years and most daily papers will give you this information.

Make sure the stable is in form when it is it can be virtually unstoppable with just about every horse from the stable running well even the big priced not so fancied ones.

Always take note of trainer's comments in race reports or interviews you can pick up invaluable clues about future plans. A top rider can make all the difference in a tight driving finish and on many occasions it can truthfully be said that the jockey won the race.

However any jockey is only as good as the rides he gets, so do not attach as much importance to the jockey as you do to the stable the horse comes from. Also the mounts of top jockeys can sometimes be poor value and this must be taken into account.
Make sure you have the best horse ratings that are available and Jadwiz Racing can provide you with these in the form of an online and printable form guide.

As with trainers, it is always worth consulting the top jockeys table for each meeting. Certain riders do well at certain small racecourses. Experience with all weather racing, for example, can often prove an asset. Always be on the look out for the he rising star apprentice who can claim 5lb off the allotted weight in a handicap.

Watch out also for top jockeys riding in a handicap at their natural weight. On many courses although the draw maybe of some importance, in sprints it may not be and we do not always need to take it into account but on others its effect is so marked that it is one of the first things we have to consider.

Fortunately the experts in the papers make us fully aware of the hazards, or advantages, of the draw at the tracks where it is important. So you must always give this ample consideration, in fact you should monitor it carefully as changes in the going could alter the effects of the draw from one day to the next on the same course.

This is where the Racing Post really excels; its betting forecast is what many bookmakers on course use to start laying their prices. A comparison of the first show in the betting shops against the Racing Posts forecast can give you an idea of horses that have been supported prior to the opening prices going on the boards.

This is a very important point to watch as you can soon see what is fancied and what isn't. Ideally your horse should be proven over the trip for which you are considering it. A horse staying on strongly at the finish could stay further. Horses that show good pace and then fade probably need a reduction in distance.

Sometimes a horse will get the distance on fast going having previously just failed in testing conditions. A horse may get the trip on today's course, having failed on a more testing track but be wary if the horse is trying a new distance for the very first time.
If you have a serious doubt don't pick it unless you know that it is bred to run well over the new distance because maybe the trainer has been deliberately running the horse over its wrong distance for reasons best known to himself.

A sudden change in the going conditions is probably one of the main causes of bad bets. You have to be aware of any preference your selection has for underfoot conditions. A few horses can act on virtually any going. Most however cannot and the majority of flat horses possibly prefer good or good/firm going.

If a wet spell strikes and the ground goes soft we must look for horses that prefer softer going if need be ignoring the form book. In National Hunt racing the majority of horses probably prefer softer going. However, at certain times when the ground dries out you must watch for horses that relish the good to firm conditions.

Some horses only perform well at one particular track and rarely, if ever, win anywhere else. There are many different reasons for this. The horses style of running being one. A long striding galloping animal, for example, will not like tight turning tracks such as Chester but should like Doncaster.

Most papers that have a racing section highlight winners over a course by a (C) after the horse name, (CD) denotes a winner over both course and distance. This is something that is well worth making a study of as it can obviously be an invaluable guide to possible winners.

Fitness is obviously difficult to asses but there are certain factors you can take into account that could point you in the right direction, for instance as a general guide don't back horses that haven't run for over 50 days as they may have been injured or sick, however on the other hand you must watch out for horses that always run well first time out or after a break when fresh.

You must also make a note of those that always take two or three runs before they put in a good performance. Watch for trainers who seem adept at getting their charges fit to run for their life no matter how long they have been off the course but on the other hand also note whose horses always need a few runs.


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