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How To Win

Winning On The Horses is never easy, lets face it if was then there would be no bookmakers and no racing. So here are a few quick tips you can do that can improve your chances.

Horse Racing Betting
We have all backed horses in a races that contains a large number of runners and its the picking the winners of these races that can bring about the most reward. But lets just stop for one moment and think about what we are actually doing.

First we are backing a horse in a race that will in all probability split into two groups, fffectively we have two races running at the same time and we have to win them both with one selection.

Secondly the percentage take out by the bookmaker is higher that a normal race because they know that the average punter will be quite happy with a 12/1 winner, one thing we can do is to find the top trainers for any particular racecourse.

There is usually a reason why top trainers do well at the courses they do and finding these can improve the number of winners you find. For example the trainer may like the racecourse layout, friendly staff or it's a local course. Other reasons they do well maybe it suits the type of horses they have or one of there big owners likes the course.

What ever the reasons for their success you could share by finding top trainers. Just as important as the trainer is of course the jockey and finding a good list of top jockeys can help you on your way. The success of top jockeys at a racecourse can be for a number of reasons including local course, riding style or friendly banter in the changing room.

 All there can be reason why a jockey does well at one course and not so well at another.

He/she may like to come with a late run and snatch the race on the line. This maybe fine on a wide straight course but imagine holding a horse up for a late run at Chester Racecourse. I suspect they would find one or two traffic problems trying to weave their mount through a wall of horses on the tight bends of Chester.

Another way to improve our chances is to find horses that are suited to a particularly racecourse. We have all heard the saying horses for courses but how often do we look for the top horses at the racecourse.

Horses can run well at certain racecourses for a number of reasons including trainers likes the course or the layout suits the horses style of running.


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Won a group 1 race on the 19/06/1996 and to view this runners full form

Won a group 2 race on the 20/06/1996 and to view this runners full form

Won a group 3 race on the 27/04/1996 and to view this runners full form

Won a listed race on the 16/04/1996 and to view this runners full form



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