Horse Racing Tips

Horse Racing Tips

Horse Racing Tips

Horse Racing Tips are they any good? It depends on your view in life but I would answer yes otherwise why you are reading this! So now we have established this we need to decide where we get these horse racing tips.

Horse Racing BettingThere are a couple of possibilities to look at and they will depend on your point of view of horse racing. First of all if we believe that all trainers are crooked and stop their horses from winning until they can get on at a decent price then the best place to look would be the trainer.

But there are one or two snags with this theory, first of all if they were all crooked then surely they could wait for a decent price, unload the money and then go down the pub for the happy hour.

But if this were true then why do some trainers have a 25% strike rate and others can only manage 5%.
The reason for this is because horse racing is highly competitive and if they don’t produce the winners then he/she will go out of business.

The higher strike rate has an added bonus for the trainer by reducing transport costs and race entry fees. This can also improve the success of the stable by allowing staff more time to concentrate on their horses.

While you may get the odd tip off the trainer you have to remember it’s the owners who are paying the wages. So though there may be a few trainers who are willing to tell you what you want to hear I’m not totally convinced that you will get better horse racing tips.

Horse racing tipsters have over the years got themselves a bad name but that does not mean that they should all be in the garbage can. If you are looking for a tipster then I would say check how long they have been operating, if its only a few months then take what they say with a pinch of salt.

Only the other month I received an email from a tipping website which showed all the bets they had, along with the winners since last January. All seemed reasonable at first glance until I checked out the domain name registration. This is when I found the domain name had not been registered until the summer. So how did they manage to tell everybody about their tips?

Basically they looked and found a system that had produced a few winners, set the website up and told everyone about the tips they have missing. Systems can be a good supply of tips but please remember what I have just told you and make sure the

website has been around for a while.The advantages of using systems to get your tips is you have a good idea what sort of stake rate to expect. Systems come in all shapes and size from the most well know “Back the outsider in a three horse race” to the ones with complicated staking plans.

I have always found level stakes is the best approach as all bets have to same value and it does not matter whether your first or your last bet wins. Systems should also be easy to follow and that is why all our systems are numbered, which makes them quick and very easy to follow. Some systems have a short life span and may only be the best performing system for a month but yield handsome profits

Another source of horse racing tips come in horses to follow which are expected to do well over the coming season. To Joe Public these horses may not have shown much in their latest races but a shrewd judge can pick between the lines and provide you with the information you require.

Things to look out for are a good write up with details about the horse they are telling you about. The last source of horse racing tips which we are going to look at is form guides. These come form the most well known the Racing Post to you local newspaper and online form guides like this one.

Some will simply just have ratings and others will have ratings, selections, main tips and even a write up. So whatever you are looking for do some research and find yourself a good website with the information that is of use to you.


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Won a group 1 race on the 05/06/2010 and to view this runners full form

Won a group 2 race on the 29/09/2007 and to view this runners full form

Won a group 3 race on the 31/07/2003 and to view this runners full form

Won a listed race on the 17/08/1999 and to view this runners full form




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