Horse Racing Help

Horse Racing Help

Favourites By Day Of Year

This is another area of the Jadwiz form guide which can be very useful and while not strictly part of the normal way in which we study form it can be beneficial to punters knowing which days of the year favourite have done well so lets take a look at what can be found here in this section of the Jadwiz form guide.

You can find information for any favourite from first down to the tenth for either flat or jump racing and the information is split into a couple of sections and these are as follows with ‘All Races’ being the first which as it says includes all race results and you can easily find the race date that you are after by using the drop down boxes.

Horse Racing Favourites By DayNext up is ‘Handicap And Non Handicap Race’ followed by ‘Handicap Races’ then ‘Non-Handicap Races’ and ‘Jump Races’, each of these areas is split into a further six zones which are based on the class of race, example class one, two, three, four, five and six which means you get a good view of where the days favourite stands when compared to others.

For jump racing the area is split into the following zones, All Hurdle Races, Non-Handicap Races, Handicap Hurdle Races, All Chase Races, Non-Handicap Chase Races and Handicap Chase Races so there is plenty of information which the user can get stuck into here in the section of the Jadwiz form guide.

So extra information which can also make use of here and if that’s not enough we could even delve a little deeper by taking a look at where the Jadwiz ratings have done well and we can do this by using the results section of the form guide and here we can find out which area of the form guide suits which racecourses best, so all this coming up next.

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Before we move onto the next help topic there is a short video below which you should watch which will give you a better understanding of the layout and how this area works.


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Horse Racing Help

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Won a group 1 race on the 03/06/2005 and to view this runners full form Click here

Won a group 2 race on the 13/05/2004 and to view this runners full form Click here

Won a group 3 race on the 19/08/2000 and to view this runners full form Click here

Won a listed race on the 20/06/1998 and to view this runners full form Click here




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