Horse Racing Help

Horse Racing Help

Horse Ratings Results

Having a set of ratings we can rely on is one thing but its not the full story when it comes to choosing a runner on which to place a bet and there are additional methods which we can use to increase our chance of success, one of these would be to do a little bit of extra work before we make our final decision

One of these things we can do is to see how well or badly the ratings do in certain areas and Jadwiz Racing provides this in our results section and this can be very useful zone because it will let you know which the ratings that we should be making the most of in order to get the utmost out of our betting experience.

The ratings results section is split into a number of areas which we can view and these are prize money, race distance, race going, race class and all races, each of these zones contains four gauges which displays where the racecourse ranks when compared to others in the same splinter which is either above, average or below average.

The first gauge displays where the racecourse lies using the strike rate it has achieved which is calculated for each course and then the listed is ordered highest to lowest and the process is repeated for each of the other gauges which are strike rate, ROI, profit and overall and it will depend on what you are after which is used.

As with other areas of the Jadwiz form guide all gauges are colour coded green (above average), amber (average) and red being below or poor and by viewing these meters it becomes very easy to see where a course has done well, there is also a small write up underneath which relay information which can be used.

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Before we move onto the next help topic there is a short video below which you should watch which will give you a better understanding of the layout and how this area works.


This next area that we are looking at is the jockey and trainer head to heads and we get to this area by clicking either the J-H-H or the T-H-H buttons which... read more at Jockey Trainer Head To Heads

Horse Racing Help

All todays runners and riders can be found at Todays Horse Racing



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Won a group 3 race on the 21/06/2002 and to view this runners full form Click here

Won a listed race on the 05/05/1999 and to view this runners full form Click here




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