Horse Racing Help

Horse Racing Help

Jockey And Trainer Head To Heads

This next area that we are looking at is the jockey and trainer head to heads and we get to this area by clicking either the J-H-H or the T-H-H buttons which are found at the bottom of the runner details and the first thing that you will notice is the top section is very much the same as others zones in that all the race details are displayed at the top of the page.

The runner which we have chosen to view the head to heads for is always listed on the left hand side with the compared jockey on the right, in the middle area you will notice that there is a percentage figure and this is the strike rate which our chosen jockey will tend to finish in front of the compared jockey listed on the right.

Horse Racing Jockey And Trainer Head To HeadThere are advantages by using this area and one of those could be where there are two runners which look very equal and are difficult to split but one has a longer price than the other, if this is the case and our longer priced jockey has a strike rate which tends to suggest they will finish in front of the lower priced option then this could be a good bet.

It’s the comparing of two jockeys in this way which I think could help to find value bets in a racing event which would normally go unnoticed and so would say that this could very well be an area which we can make a lot of use of when looking for a suitable runner where we feel that a bet could then be placed.

There is not a great deal more to tell you about this area and I feel that most of it is self-explanatory so I think it is time that we moved onto the next section that we will be looking at and this is the jockey and trainer winning zone which is another area that I expect you will be making the most of when making your selections.

Watch Video

Before we move onto the next help topic there is a short video below which you should watch which will give you a better understanding of the layout and how this area works.


Jockey and trainer area of the form guide informs the user how either the jockey or trainer lines up against others in the race and this information can... read more Jockey Trainer Favourites

Horse Racing Help

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