Horse Racing Help

Horse Racing Help

Jockey Trainer Favourites

Jockey and trainer area of the form guide informs the user how either the jockey or trainer lines up against others in the race and this information can be found not only for the favourite but also the second, third and all the way down to the tenth favourite so is very useful as it covers a number of different race types.

Comparing one jockey or trainer against another is very easy as they are all contained on one page and the information covers a number of areas which are relevant to the days racing event and these are ‘Race Type Handicap Stakes’ which is means how they get on in either handicap or non-handicap races and the results relate to todays race.

Horse Racing Jockey FavouritesSo if todays is a handicap then the gauge displays how they stack up against others in handicap races, next up is ‘All Course Race Type’ which displays gauges compare other runners in the race based on the type of racing event which they are contesting today, there are others so lets move on and see what they are.

The gauge you will come across is the ‘All Course Handicap Stakes’ which is similar to the first but only takes into account races which have been run at todays racecourse where the event is being staged, next up is the ‘Race Class Handicap Stakes’ and again similar but only includes data from races which where the same class as todays.

Moving on to the next gauge and this time it’s the ‘All Course Race Class’ which means all data for trainer or jockey is used provided it was the same class of race as which is being run today and finally it’s the ‘All Course Races’ which means basically all races have been used when gathering the favourite results.

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Before we move onto the next help topic there is a short video below which you should watch which will give you a better understanding of the layout and how this area works click here


ASCOT 1-35 What An Angel (GB) Do not think we should include this runner in the final reckoning as the form looks average and even todays jockey only received a middling mark in the course specialists area so lets pass on this one here. more

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Won a group 1 race on the 26/09/1998 and to view this runners full form

Won a group 2 race on the 07/07/1998 and to view this runners full form

Won a group 3 race on the 07/06/1997 and to view this runners full form

Won a listed race on the 26/08/1996 and to view this runners full form




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