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Horse Racing Help

Race Meetings

The Jadwiz form guide has a lot of information available which will help tremendously when studying race runners and making a selection, so as they say the best place to start will be at the beginning which means looking at what we have on the race meeting page and its more than just a list of race time which can be found here.

The first thing that you will notice is an area which is called ‘Top Rated Runners’ which I think does rather explain what can be found here but for now it would be best left alone until we know how the form guide works and we fully understand the layout, we also need to know what can be achieved by using the Jadwiz form guide.

All this information which we need to know to get the best out of our racing is coming up over the next few pages but for now we are concentrating on the race meetings page and for those of you who are planning on visiting a racecourse the first thing which will be of use to you is the current weather which is displayed in the centre.

On the left hand side of the current weather for each of the racecourses where racing is taking place there are two areas and the top one contains a brief description of the course where racing is taking place which can be useful when comparing todays event with previous runs a horse has had as all courses are not the same.

Underneath this we have the racecourse favourites area which displays a series of buttons in different colours which represent how good the overall favourite is when compared to other racecourses in the UK and this can be very useful when assessing which favourites we are interested, green means above average, amber is average and red is below average.

But there is far more information than this available to us as each of these buttons are marked one to ten so we can find out not just how the favourite lines up at todays course compared to others in the UK but also the second, third, fourth and right down to the tenth favourite and clicking these will bring up additional extra information.

I will not go into full details about this extra favourites information here as we are sticking with the race meetings area just for now but we will be covering it in far more detail on the next page which leaves the final thing to be found here are the times of each race which is taking place at each course and these buttons are coloured blue.

So we now know what is available to us on the race meetings page and I think before we move onto the races themselves the next logical step would be to read a little bit more about what can be found in Racecourse Favourites area because there is lot of information which we can make use of before viewing a race.

Watch Video

Before we move onto the next help topic there is a short video below which you should watch which will give you a better understanding of the layout and how this area works.

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The next horse racing help file which we will be looking at can be found at Horse Racing Help Race Runner And Racecourse Form or you can make your way over to our Horse Racing Help Index page.

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