Horse Racing Help

Horse Racing Help

Race Runner And Racecourse Form

As the name suggests we can view any of the race runners past form here and the first thing you will notice is the first section shows the details of the current race in which our selected runner is taking part in and this can be helpful when comparing todays event with a previous outing that a runner may of taken part in.

Each of the runners previous outings is contained in a separate box which is split into four areas with the first one giving the race details of an earlier event that it contested, next to it on the right is a brief description about the course on which the race took place and finally the bottom two areas are details about the horse.

Horse Racing Racecourse FormThe first one on the left contains the general information that you require such as weight carried, trainer, jockey, sire, dam name and finishing position but there is also extra data can be found in the area which is titled ‘Runner Write Up’ and it is in here that we can find the final details about the runner which we are viewing.

Racecourse Form

The horse rating awarded is central but racecourse form can also be important and this is where we can find out just how a runner stacks up against others in the field, each runner has five accompanying gauges which lets the user see how well the runner has done at the course where todays racing is taking place.

These charts will instantly let the user know where the runner lines up as it is displayed in green and are displayed for the horse, sire, dam, jockey and also for the trainer, all runners In a race are shown here which means that we can easily compare one runner against another to see which comes out best in this area.

So for example if we were interested in the jockey for our runner we can see that it’s the forth gauge which we are after and we can quickly see if the pointer is in the above average or below area and by scrolling down the page we can compare our jockey against others in the race which we are viewing so easy enough to do.

There is not much else to rely to you about this area apart from the fact that the horse name appears over the five gauges so there should be no problems location the runner which you are after and gathering the information to help make the right selection in any racing event which is taking place on a UK racecourse.

Watch Video

Before we move onto the next help topic there is a short video below which you should watch which will give you a better understanding of the layout and how this area works.

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