Horse Racing Help

Horse Racing Help

Race Runner Form

So we have read a little about how we can make use of the racecourse favourites information and we are now moving onto a race and the runner details which is found by clicking the required ‘Race Time’ button found on the meetings page and there is a lot of very good information to be found on this page which we will work through.

The first section contains the race details which is colour code blue and in this area we can find all the relevant information about the event along with a description of the course which can be handy to know along with other details when we are checking any of the runners past races as it can help build a picture of what is required.

Horse Racing Race Runner Form DetailsAlso in this section there is a series of buttons which we can use to quick navigate from race to race or even go back to the full days list of race meetings, so the race details header section has now been covered and we will now move onto what information we can discover about each of the individual runners in the event.

The first thing you will notice is each runner has its own box which is colour coded green as apposed to blue which is used for the race details and this is the area which we will be taking a look at here, some of this is standard stuff you would expect to see but there is a fair amount of extra information available to the user.

Starting left of the top section we see past form for the runner along with the horse name and underneath this is the horse age, sex, sire, dam and the stall which the runner will emerge from if the event is being run on the flat, on the far right hand side is the Jadwiz rating for the runner and the top rated is always 100 and bottom is one.

The next section on the left hand side displays trainer, jockey name along with the weight the runner is set to carry and whether it will be wearing any type of headgear for the event, on the right of this there are four write ups which can help when you are making a selection and we will move onto these pieces of information now.

The four writes which are contained in this next section are racecourse form, head to heads and also the winning zone details for both the trainer and jockey with the final piece being the generally conclusion for the runner, so that’s it as far as these write ups are concerned which leaves the eight colour coded buttons found under each runner in a race.

As I said these eight buttons are colour coded to display how well the runner performs in that area with green letting us know they are above average, amber which is average and red which as you may very well of guessed is poor and when one of these buttons are click we can view extra information about that area and we will start with past runner form.

Watch Video

Before we move onto the next help topic there is a short video below which you should watch which will give you a better understanding of the layout and how this area works.


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Horse Racing Help

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