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Horse Racing Help

Racecourse Favourites

The racecourse favourites page is very useful and is designed in such a way which makes getting the information you require very easy with the header area containing the favourites buttons which are colour coded green for above average, amber is average and red below average and the one which you are viewing is underlined in blue.

This colour coding makes it very easy for the user to see how the favourite for the course you are looking at lines up against others, you can also view the details for any UK racecourse by clicking ‘Racecourse Favourites’ or return to todays race meetings and both of these buttons can be found in the header area on the page.

Horse Racing Racecourse FavouritesThe colour code for the buttons refers to the overall result for a particular favourite but we sometimes need more information before we can make a decision on which runner on which to place a bet and there are lots more statistics to be found about the favourite on this page which we can use to help.

The favourite information found on this page is related to the code of racing which is taking part today at the course but you can switch between flat and jumps if you wish and to do this click the ‘Racecourse Favourites’ button found in the header section of the page, so what can we find out about the favourite in this area.

Well each set of results is displayed in its own box and the title will let you know which type of races are used which could be all course, handicap, non-handicap and so on and within the box there are sub titles to let the user know exactly which set of favourites results they are viewing for the racecourse.

So for example if we wanted to know how the sixth favourite at Cheltenham performs in class five jump races we can find it by location the correct box on the page which displays a chart showing its position compared to other courses and lets the user know whether the course is above, average or below average in this area.

This can be done for any of the first ten favourites for all UK racecourses whether you are looking at flat or jump racing and does give a very good indication of the favourite that we should be targeting at each of the courses found in the United Kingdom and could be one of the areas in the Jadwiz form guide which you can use.

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Before we move onto the next help topic there is a short video below which you should watch which will give you a better understanding of the layout and how this area works.

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