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The Jadwiz Racing online form guide gives you the information you need to make an informed selection wether it be purly based on our ratings or by making use of past data which shows how the top rated runners with each set of ratings have performed.

There are two versions of our online form guide one for desk top computers and the other for smartphones, the reason for this is due to the limited space avaliable on moblies and while the same information is found on both versions the layout is slightly different (click images to view full size).

Horse Racing MembershipWith our desktop version the 'Race Details' shows a runners last six races, horse name, weight, trainer, jockey along with our five sets of ratings.

These five sets of ratings are horse, sire, trainer, jockey and combined ratings, below the runners is our tissue prices followed by the race write ups, in some cases there may also be a Jadwiz Note.

These Jadwiz Notes are limited and changes depending on the days racing so there is never a fixed number and are considered to be our race day tips.

By clicking on any horse we can get ourselves extra information about each of the runners in a race and in the image shown its a runner called 'Lucky Boots'. The first part of this page shows how runners have faired in the past when when they had held one of the top three positions in each set of ratings.

An example would be if the 'Ratings Type' said Jadwiz Online Jump Racing - 1st Top Horse Ratings - Month February, this would mean over the analysed period any runner who had been top rated with our horse ratings during the month of February would have the shown strike rate and profit.

Horse Racing MembershipNext are the racecourse specialists stats which show how horses, trainer, jockeys and sire have done at this course, and at the bottom of this page you will find the results for how the trainer and jockey for this runner have performed when they have been top rated in each of our sets of ratings

The final part of the page shows how trainer and jockey have faired when they have been top rated with each of our sets of ratings, both flat and jump results are shown if they have compeated under both codes of racing.

In addition to the above you can also access other information including a full list of horses which we have marked up as favourite with our tissue prices.

There is also a full list of the days horses, jockeys, trainers and sire with links to the relevant race and a complete list of racecourse specialists which are running today, see links below for more information.


please note the above content is no longer avaliable, see below for latest version


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