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We deal exclusively in horse racing and by utilising our ratings along with other facility’s provided we can ensure that you get information not in use by the masses and while others simply offer you race day tips for a monthly fee Jadwiz Racing gives you an extensive form guide.

We need a printable form guide so that we can take it with us whether we are at the races or in the bookies and know that it will give us quality ratings which is clear and concise and easy to use. Our form guide is clear and simple to use and contains five sets of ratings and you can see at a glance which is top rated as they are highlighted in green.

Printable Form GuidePunters all have their methods or systems for pin pointing potential winners in a race and this is a similar approach the professional bettor takes, the only difference is that theirs work while others are effectively stabbing in the dark.

Our Form guide ratings can be as simple or complicated as you like but most would agree that the straightforward method of race selection provided by Jadwiz gives the racing punter the best way forward. Finding winners is not always easy but we can achieve our goal by first getting ourselves a starting point and this is easily done by concentrating on the first three in the combined ratings marked C, far right hand column.

By concentrating on the top three rated horses gives us the advantage of knowing the runner has some of the best form lines in the race and at the same time effectively makes the event a smaller size. This approach is always a good idea as it speeds up the selection process and gives us more time to do other things, after all we don’t want to get bogged down looking for our selections.

Now backing three runners in a race is not always a good idea and we need to find some extra helpful information so that we can make our race selections and this is easily achieved by making use of the excellent race write up which is included for all runners in each race.

These write ups, or runner comments if you like contain extra valuable information which punters can readily make use of and by reading these notes can discover other hidden facts about the runners.


Printing The Form Guide

Printing form guide is both quick and easy which means you will be up and running in no time and can be done in a number of ways and the most straight forward method is to print the whole form guide. This is quick and simple with no expert computer
wizardry being required, just click the print icon.

Make sure the correct printer is selected and page range if you are just printing a single race or meeting. If you are printing a single race or meeting you can easily find the page range by scrolling through the pdf and making a note of the start and finish page numbers for the races you wish to print.These numbers are displayed on the menu next to the printer and are found before clicking the printer icon


Jadwiz Ratings

There are five sets of rating with the combined ratings being the main set with the highest strike rate. By concentrating on the top three rated horses with this set of ratings gives us the advantage of knowing the runner has some of the best form lines in the race.

The table at the top of each race displays information about each runner and by reading the columns left to right the details are as follows. Draw is the stall that the runner has been given to start the race from.

Form shows a runners last six outings with the most recent on the right.
Horse is the runners name
Weight is the allocated weight that the runner will carry.
Trainer is the name of the person in charge of the training of the runner.
Jockey is the name of the person who has the job of winning the race.
Horse Rating is based on its ability and the level of form that it is capable of running (column marked H).
Sire Rating is based on how the sire offspring has performed over time (column marked S).
Jockey Rating is based on how the jockey has performed over time (column marked J).
Trainer Rating is based on how the trainer has performed over time (column marked T).
Combined Rating is a mixture ratings to create a master rating which has the highest strike rate (column marked C).


Enhancing The Ratings

One of the easiest and most effective ways of enhancing the main set of ratings is to check whether it also has a good horse rating. An example of this would be to look for runners that are top rated with both the combined and horse ratings, over time results have shown that this gives about a 30 strike rate.

This can further be improved by only backing them if they start the race as the favourite with increases the strike rate to approximately 50%. So we have an excellent strike rate before we have even looked at the excellent accompanying writes to see if we can discover any extra nuggets of information.

These write ups provided are not the normal one sentence efforts that are found in most publications but contain all the information that you require to make an informed selection and will making finding your final selection far more easy.


please note the above content is no longer avaliable, see below for latest version


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