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Jadwiz Racing Tissue Prices is popular way of making a profit by professional gamblers and the transition from unsuccessful, to successful punter is the art of always betting at odds above those that you should be getting. If you can do this, then the winners will come, and a long term profit.

There is a difference between tissue prices and betting forecasts, but not many people know it. A tissue price is a the likelihood of the horse’s chance of winning the race and if you can get odds that are the same or higher then this would symbolize a value bet.

Horse Racing MembershipOn the other hand a betting forecast is what you get from a news paper or the Racing Post and this is what they expect the starting price to be for any given horse. In other words, it is a forecast of how they think the general public will bet on a race.

You have to remember that successful betting is not just about picking winners, it's also about whether it's worth backing them at the odds you are offered. The art is in finding the odds that are out of line with it’s true probability of winning, if you do this, and the bookmaker shortens the price, at least you are on the right side of the equation.


Which Version

There are three versions of our tissue prices, the first is used in a our printable and online form guide, these are our tissue prices based on passed results, the second is the tissue prices software which allows you the change the weight applied to different areas of racing which make up the final tissue price.

The third version comes as an Excel file which was our orininal version and while differnt to the current tissue prices used in both our printable and online form guide is still prefered by some members.


please note the above content is no longer avaliable, see below for latest version


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