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The Jadwiz Betting Manager is a great piece of software which helps you to not only keep track of all your bets by showing any profit or loss but also allows you to quickly analyse your betting history to find the best areas of racing on which to concentrate your efforts.

Need a more in depth look at your betting history then simply analyse your bets in much the same way as we do for systems with the main difference being the results show your own capability.

Jadwiz Betting ManagerOne of features of this software is that by adding a Method to each bet you can learn a lot about the way in which you bet, one of the things which could help would be to create a different method around your work pattern which could be as follows.

Work 1, Work 2, Work 3, Work 4 and Work 5, so if you have a bet on your second day in work you would choose 'Work2' for the method, the same would apply to your days off, Off Work 1 and Off Work 2, obviously this applies to day workers but the same could be done for shift work as well.

So how would this help? Well one of the things i once found out was that i made a profit on my first day off work but then lost the next two before breaking even on the last. Adding bets is easy and if you have a long list of bets saved on your PC then no problem simply use the import facility and each bet will have full race details record, if you make a mistake it’s just as simply to remove a bet.

You can even import your bets from file and analyse them, so if you have always wondered which areas of racing suits your style of betting then now is the time to invest in the Jadwiz Betting Manager.

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