Horse Racing System

Difference System

Difference System

The Difference System and the first thing to do is note all non-handicap races both for flat racing and jumps including the' All Weather' courses.

Races must consist of between 5 and 12 runners inclusive. (No amateur jockeys or apprentices claiming the full 7lbs).
Note the price quoted for the favourite and the 2nd favourite in the betting forecast of your daily news paper.

Horse Racing SystemsSelecting those favourites with a minimum of 4 points clear difference between the two, e.g:

FAV 4/6 -2nd FAV 7/2 or more.
FAV Evens -2nd FAV 4/1 or more.
FAV 5/4 -2nd FAV 9/2 or more.
FAV 1/2 -2nd FAV 3/1 or more.
FAV 6/4 -2nd FAV 11/2 or more.
FAV 7/4 -2nd FAV 6/1 or more.

The best bets for the purpose of the system are those with the highest points difference between the 1st and 2nd favourite, In all cases you back the favourite, selections can be found very quickly once familiar with the rules.

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