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Handicap System

Handicap System

Handicap System operates for both flat and jumps and you do not need a specialist racing paper to work out the selections; an ordinary daily newspaper with a Horseracing section or form guide will do just as well.

As far as Handicaps are concerned the better a horse has been performing, then the more weight it has to carry.

Horse Racing SystemsSo therefore the better horses in a Handicap should be those with the most weight to carry. But simply backing the top weight in Handicap races will not provide you with profits over a long period of time.

Go through the race card of each meeting for that day, make a note of every Handicap and make a note of the weight that the top weight is carrying in each of the races. Make a note of the weight that the second top weight is carrying in each of the races.

Subtract the weight of the second top weight from that of the top weight and make a note of the difference. Repeat this procedure for every Handicap race of the day.

The system selection is the top weight that has the greater margin over its nearest top weight rival providing it has run in the last 22 days. In the event of two or more races producing the same margin, select the race with the closest to 8 runners.

If there is still a tie, select the race with the most win prize money. If there is still a tie then there is no bet, but if there is a clear contender then this horse is the system selection and is the one bet of the day.Handicap System

Remember the horse that the system selects for you is the class animal in the race, otherwise they would not be carrying top weight.

By restricting our selections to those with the biggest weight difference, we are putting our money on the horse which is that much more superior to even its nearest rival.

There are of course, many other things you might take into consideration, as you fine- tune your selecting. You could try to make sure the horse has run well previously on the going and that it isn't too badly drawn.

Take no account of apprentices allowances, it is the handicappers allotment that we are interested in.

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