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Racecourse Tip

Catterick Racecourse 2nd Top Going Good

Catterick racecourse is a dual racing venue which stages both flat and jump racing throughout the year and the flat course is a left-handed oval course of one mile and two furlongs with a run-in of 3 furlongs and this flat course is also undulating with sharp turns while the jumps action takes place on a Left-handed oval course of one mile and two furlongs and this jump course here is undulating with sharp turns but fences are generally easy.

Using a good set of ratings can be a tremendous help and here at Catterick racecourse that has been the case with our ratings over the last year which have sustained at strike rate of 27% and generated a good profit of 180 pounds pound for just a ten pound stake.

One of the first things I think we should be checking after finding a meeting at Catterick is whether the event is over the jumps or set to be run on the flat because here the Jadwiz ratings results show that it will need to be flat racing, why? Because that is code of racing which these results display give us the best chance of getting the required outcome.

Sometimes we need to look a little bit deeper if we are to find a winning angle at a racecourse and here at Catterick is one of those cases and to make things work and hopefully get us the advantage that we are looking for we will only be using goinggood type races and if the last twelve months is anything to go by then things will be good.

With the Jadwiz form guide as always it is usually a good idea to concentrate on the top rated runners in the race and here again that is what we will be doing and this time around the results for the last twelve months show that we should be using the Number2 rated horses that are contesting this event.

Here at Catterick we have just read about how the Jadwiz form ratings have made a 180 pounds pound profit for a ten pound stake over the last twelve months and the strike rate was good at 27% so everything looks rather well, add in the ROI at 68% and we see at least a very good starting point which you could use as a member.

Published July 2019             

Form the members area select 'Top Rated'

Select the correct ratings as stated on this page, Top Rated, 2nd Top Rated, 3rd Top Rated

Check todays race type is the same as stated on this page

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Won a group 1 race on the 20/05/2000 and to view this runners full form

Won a group 2 race on the 07/07/1999 and to view this runners full form

Won a group 3 race on the 24/10/1997 and to view this runners full form

Won a listed race on the 09/11/1996 and to view this runners full form




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